Saturday, 4 February 2012

Galaxy Legion Cheating - Dysonian Style

As we are all aware the Dysonians have been suspected of cheating for quite some time. I have obtained a copy of the scripts that Remric of the Dysonian is current using. I've grown sick and tired of watching everyone in the game get banned while those who play illegitimately are ok.

You may be wondering how I've obtained these scripts and who I am. I cannot say my name because I will most certainly be banned from the game as well as have several people from a very powerful legion upset with me. I will say I am not the only one within the legion who has a copy of these scripts. I am just the one with enough balls to post them.

I will give Dan the chance to do what is right before I go ahead and post the most harmful of scripts. I will progressively post more and more compromising scripts as time goes on.

Requirements needed:

A computer running Linux - Ubuntu Is recommended.
PHP5 - Command line
PHP5 - CURL Extension
FireFox Installed (Comes with ubuntu by default)
Cookie Exporter 1.5 for firefox

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